Scandalous Beat by Michelle Mankin

I received a copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, there is a lot going on in this book….

A Drummer for a band, a Rapper, a Stripper, an Exotic Dancer with the stage name of Queen, the story of Miriam Jackson and Juaquin Acenado.

Juaquin is the drummer for the band Tempest and has had the hots for Miriam since they were teens. Miriam is off limits because she is the younger sister of his bandmate and friend Bryan. Miriam crushed on Juaquin long before going off to college. She tried to forget him but just couldn’t.

After Miriam loses her scholarship, she finds another way to make her dreams happen and supports herself by stripping in Vegas. Her plan is to save money and eventually go back to complete her degree. She is feisty, strong willed and sometimes self-doubts herself. She also works as a nanny for a mob figure who owns several casinos and strip clubs.

Juaquin has found success with being the drummer for Tempest. His brother died in a gang related killing and Juaquin doesn’t feel like he can live up to the memory of his brother. His family discounts him after a run in with the police. He has tried many times to forget Miriam but just cannot get past her. Known for his womanizing ways, nothing compares to Miriam.

Juaquin rents out a strip club for an exclusive dance from the one and only “Queen.” Then he realizes that the dancer is none other than Miriam. They are shocked to see each other. And the fire reignites between them. Miriam is cold to Juaquin at first because she is in a relationship with someone else. But Juaquin doesn’t give up. He keeps on pursuing her. Miriam finally gives in to a night of passion and both surrender to the attraction between each other.

Will their against all odds relationship stand the test of time? Can they get their happy ending? This book presents from dual points of view. You feel the passion and loyalty to family and friends between the characters. And the fear of being rejected between each. This is a good one!!!

— Jay