This is the first book that I’ve read of Leddy Harper and I absolutely enjoy it. It was funny, the characters were well written and while i laugh, there were some sad times too.

Cash, the hot, sexy divorced guy is seeking a female as a room mate. Jade, the cute single mother is looking for somewhere to live given what is going on in her world (no spoilers 🙂 )

Cash and Jade start a friendship via phone that both need and are enjoying. Cash takes the next step and wants to meet. They find that they have good chemistry and while Jade’s friend doesn’t agree with the arrangement, Jade moves forward with being the room mate.

The written agreement is hysterical and they keep adding to it. Things progress but they both still have big secrets that need to come out. And boy do they. We find out just how messed up Jade’s past is and how intense Cash’s job is. But it’s not until Jade’s mother is injured, we find out all the bad stuff. It make some great reading. How the all the characters fair is also interesting and Jade’s history is one that no girls should ever go through.

In the end, we get some new agreements (again, hysterical) and the HEA we are looking for.

Again, my first read by Leddy and it was great. I highly recommend this funny/sexy book.