Running from a Rock Star – Jami Albright

A funny, romantic great read!

Scarlett, the good girl who always walks the straight path. One night in Vegas after an author event and she decides to let loose. Flashbacks of a wedding, a fat Elvis and then she realizes what had happened.

She ends up married to the tattooed, well known, sexy rock star Gavin Bain.

Quickly she realizes what happened and then leaves Gavin with no explanation for her home in Zachsville, Texas.

Gavin had no idea why she ran out on him but after he sees the pictures of the two of them, his lawyer and he head for Texas. When Gavin arrives at her home, he is not easily welcomed. In fact, it is quite a quite comical reception. Scarlett tells him she wants an annulment. Scarlett’s best friend Luann and Gavin’s lawyer Jack are nippy with each other and at each other’s throats but in a playful way. Scarlett’s family and friends provide great support to both Scarlett and Gavin, including some hilarious moments. Scarlett grows as a person throughout the book and Gavin becomes more likeable every day.

This was a great read and had me turning the pages. I cannot wait for the next book!

— Jay