Scott McCall is a well-known NASCAR race driver. He spends most his time on the track but goes through quite a few ladies with the agreement of no commitment. Julie has been around the track all her life. Her father Jack Davis raced and retired from the track. Julie needed a job so her dad called in a favor. Julie starts working on a pit crew. Julie ends up working for Scott.

Scott flirts with her and there is a zing between them. But Julie has her sights set on another driver Doug. Julie and Scott become friends and she asks Scott to help her get her man Doug. Scott shows and tells her what she needs to do. As they go through the motions with Scott showing Julie how to act, what to say and how to make the moves, the steam heats up between them. Unfortunately for Scott, Julie doesn’t want him. She wants Doug. Julie goes to a party for Doug’s birthday and tries out her newly learned skills. As she gets with Doug, she notices that there is just not the same feeling between them when she kisses him. Scott has an effect on her that Doug doesn’t.

Julie becomes sick and starts throwing up. She takes a pregnancy test and discovers she is pregnant. Scott doesn’t run away from his responsibilities. Julie’s dad Jack is livid when he learns that Julie is pregnant with Scott’s baby. Julie starts living with Scott and they get married quickly. Julie is not sure if Scott loves her and Scott is not sure if Julie loves him. The passion is there between them but both are afraid to let the other one know.

Scott is racing at Daytona leading the race. Toward the end there is a horrible crash and Scott’s car gets crushed with another car on top of his. Julie and Scott’s mom were watching as it happened and so they get taken to the field while the emergency crew rescues the drivers. Scott comes out of the wreck with minor injuries. But it scares the daylights out of Julie and she rushes to his side. She tells him never to do that to her again. That is when they both realize they are in love.

I would say that the book is good. There are a few items that bother me about this one though. In the wreck, the author indicates the driver gets his door open to get out. In NASCAR cars, the doors do not open. They are welded shut along with part of the roll cage protection. Also, I feel as though the story ended too abruptly. Julie is pregnant, then there is the wreck, and they figure out they love each other. Well what happens after that?! All in all this was a good story but the ending could have been developed a little more.

— Jay