SHREDDED: A Rockstar Romance (Wreckage Book 3) by Vivian Lux

Reese Bailey is a small town country girl who is trying to escape from her abusive, alcoholic father. Thanks to her Uncle Gil, Reese gets a job doing rigging as a roadie for the band Wreckage. She had just finished and was on stage when the bassist appears to warm up. Niall is the bassist for the band Wreckage. He is all up inside his head over some issues dealing with his ex-fiancé Izzy and not really paying attention to anything. As he starts to go on stage for a sound check, Reese notices a spot light above him is moving when it shouldn’t be. She calls out to Niall but he is so absorbed in his thoughts, he doesn’t hear her. Reese tackles him to the ground right before the light falls where he was standing. He immediately snaps back and takes notice of the beautiful, stunning angel who saved him. This is Niall’s story. It was good to finally learn his story after Ewan and Jules. Niall finally finds his someone. But can Reese open up and trust Niall completely?!

— Jay