This is my first time reading anything from Raeah Wilding… and I totally loved this book!

We have Orion, the former Marine that returned with both physical and mental scars. We also have his faithful dog, Zeus, who also returned from the war zones with mental scars as well.

While they live a very solitary life in the middle of nowhere, they are making due the best that they can. While watching the snow fall, they notice a hiker that will shortly be in danger. Due to their training, they both response quickly. Unfortunately, Orion has to overcome some hurdles to make the rescue. Once they have the hiker safely back to Orion’s cabin, he starts taking care of the injured woman.

Several weeks go back before she finally wakes but doesn’t have a clue who she is or why she was even out there. Since she can’t remember her name, Orion takes to calling her Hope as that is all Orion had while she was out.

We add several more weeks where they are getting to know each other. Hope learning more about Orion that Orion about her but given her memory loss, that is to be understood. She does push him on some issues and there is some major heat between the two. As Orion live out in the boonies, he has his emergency flag flying in hopes that a rescue is underway for the missing lady.

When help finally does arrive, it’s Orion’s normal delivery guy and he has several of the details about the missing woman. We find out that her name is really Lilian and she’s a reporter. The story gets really interesting when we find out that her brother was a report that was one a mission with Orion about 3 years earlier. We find out that Jamie, the brother, has passed away but Hope/Lilian thinks he was murdered by the police say it was suicide.

We find out after Lilian is back in her “normal” environment, that others he might have known from this time have died as well. She knows that something isn’t adding up, but none of her friends or current boyfriend think it’s good for her to look into this further. She needs to grieve and move on.

Luckily, Orion gets some help he so desperately needs and finds his way back to Lilian. At first she’s cool towards him and he doesn’t understand (nor does Zeus), but she finally comes around. She was playing it cool due to her friends/boyfriend and their opinions. Once she and Orion start to work the case together, they figure it out but it put both of their lives in danger.

At the end of the story, we get the HEA between Orion and Lilian but more importantly, we get the background and information on why James and the others were killed and justice is brought to those that were umm being bad 🙂

As I don’t want to spoil the story with some of the details, I will say this was an emotional book for me and I really felt for the characters and all that they went through. I don’t think I could feel more for Orion than I do, he’s an awesome character dealt a shitty hand that several returning military members face. Thank you for writing such wonderful characters