Pieces: A Heated Billionaire Romance Story

By S.J. Mullins

Kenzie Morris is a highly sought-after interior designer. Wyatt Pearce owns one of the leading data storage companies in the country. The two meet for the first time on a flight sitting right next to each other and Kenzie thinks Wyatt is a total asshole. Kenzie’s best friend and her mother set her up on a date using a dating app. They think she will never find a boyfriend. Kenzie reluctantly goes to meet her date, and it ends up being Wyatt. She realizes this is the same guy from her flight and makes an excuse to leave the date. Wyatt can tell that she is lying and calls her out on it. Wyatt has OCD and cannot lie to save his life. He often comes across brash and very misunderstood. And he has no clue about dating because of his OCD. The book presents some information about obsessive compulsive disorder but could have been explored further. The dual point of views get skewed and I had a hard time following when one point of view changes to the other.

There were several editing errors that I noticed from wrong tense to misspelled items. I had to reread several pages because of this. Overall the characters are likable and you feel for Wyatt with his OCD and Kenzie for being pushed by family and friends to find a boyfriend. A good read but it could have been so much more.

— Jay

@S.J. Mullins