Chester/Chase is a rich playboy that is suddenly being hunted by someone. They succeed in hurting him and tossing him into a river for dead, but yet he managed to live through it. Now, he’s on the run. Trying to figure out who’s behind this attack.

Chase hides out on a farm as a helper and is told specifically to stay away from the farmer’s daughter. But Lauren, the daughter, is more than he can stay away from. Hot, sexy, steamy sex ensues and they start a relationship. At the same time Chase is still working to get to the bottom of who’s after him.

He enlists help from a friend, but unfortunately that friend meets an untimely ending. We also have the bad guys showing up at the farm pretending to be different people (police/etc). Chase and Lauren take off, but only after a huge fight with Lauren’s father. Chase tries to  ditch Lauren, much to her dislike. As she’s now pissed, she finds him and they figure out who’s behind it. We also find out that the a$$hat that is behind this, is also behind several other bad things that have happened to Chase recently.

We end up with the HEA we were hoping for between Chase and Lauren as well as fixing some family issues.

I like this story, even if the basis of it was the rich guy/virgin girl. The girl in this story has some mad skills with regard to cooking and thinking on her feet. It was nice to see this strength.

Thanks for a fun read Kira!