Jade is my new hero!!! I know I say this often, but “The Kings of Guardian” series is so cool/awesome/fantastic and book 9 delivers the same feelings as the others in the series.

This book, of course, picks up where Jewell’s left off. We find Jade undercover and has collected the information and is ready to make contact to bring the operation down. Only she doesn’t know that her cover has likely been blown and the “Kings” are coming to get her. So we have the brothers as well as the drool worthy wonder twins, coming in to get her as she’s trying to get out.

Once she’s out, the information that she gathered as all the alphabet groups and Guardian working massive amounts of hours to take the operation and other issues down. So Jade’s got her time off and wants to blow off steam and she sets her sites on Nic. I love the things she says about him. So she thinks he’s still the same, hit it and quit it man she knew from a year ago but he’s changed.

The seen in Nic’s office with his temp is so f’n cool. Again, I love Jade and she’s my hero. I don’t think I laughed that hard in a long time. So we have them hooking up with no strings, but Jade ends up wanting another go at Nic. Nic is on board with that but wants more but doesn’t say anything.

As we go forward, we have Jade visiting with Justin (who we find more out about), and she ends up talking with Nic as he’s visiting family in the same area. While Jade/Justin are at dinner, Nic shows up with another lady and Jade tries hard not to be jealous, but she is. During this dinner, Nic get’s a call about something going on with his Mom. Nic leaves dinner and Jade goes with him and he’s pissed. As the story unfolds (no spoilers) Jade ends up being Nic’s mothers PSO. We also meet Nic’s brothers and there is one that needs to have his bell rung – he’s an a$$.

Jade and Nic start the process of a relationship during this time but something happens; and Nic falls apart. Jade’s there to try to help keep stuff together (tragic and yes I cried… then got mad). Nic, Jade and the rest of Guardian take a new case due to the things that happen.

This next section is where I totally feel in love with Jade and her wicked ways. While everyone is doing their thing, Jade get assigned to a task force with some men with major ego’s and she puts them in their place… in a major way. Again, this section is sad but man is Jade evil but awesome. She also comes to Nic’s aid when a drive by tries to take him out.

As we find out, the person that they thing is targeted, isn’t the intended target and they’ve been feed bad data. Jade and Nic (as well as the teams) figure it out and go to take care of the larger issues that would bring a city to it’s knee’s. Jade make a comment that I won’t ever forget (you’ll get it when you read it). They start the process of taking out the issue but run across the bad guys. Jade and her team take out her set of badies but unfortunately Nic and his team split up due to logistics. Nic ends up injured. Jade finds him and with help gets him out of there.

While Nic’s injuries are major and touch/go for a bit, Jade stay strong and sticks with her man. In the end, we get the HEA for the two of them we were hoping for. After all the stuff and attitude that Nic’s had in the previous books, I actually really like him now that he’s grown up and isn’t a player by the end of the book.

I can’t say this enough. Thank you so much Kris for this book and series. I could read all of them over and over again and never get bored or tired of them.