This is my first book by Ella James and it was such a great read! I’m going to have to get the other 3 books in the series now 🙂 This book is written in section, which I found interesting and really enjoyed given the history.

We  meet Gabe and Marley who are ex husband/wife. Marley is moving back to her home town to help take care of her ill mother and Gabe as also moved home but aren’t sure why as of yet. While Marley is renting space in an old home, we find out that Gabe is there as well. Sparks fly but the really hate you type but you get the feeling that the sexual tension is there as well. The scene where they fight over pork chop is so funny.

As we go, we find out that Marley recently broke up with her boyfriend and as experienced a great personal loss as well. We also start to find out about Gabe’s personal struggle and why he’s back home. More information is provided about their short marriage and what caused it to fail.

While they both take responsibility for the issues from the marriage, the feelings and sexual chemistry is still there. They start to get to a better place and Marley comes up with “The Plan”. Marley desperately wants to be a mother and approaches Gabe about being the father instead of sperm donor/IVF. Given what Gabe is running from, this is a hard issue for him to wrap his mind around. But in the end, he goes for it.

While they are getting busy, they are still trying to work through the feeling that have always been there as well of the issues that have brought them home. Gabe finds out that his issue is closed due to not really having grounds for his request and Marley’s mother passes away; but they were successful in making the baby they both want.

But before Gabe can fix a mistake that he made, it’s pushed Marley away while she’s dealing with her mother’s death. Gabe gives her the space she’s asked for but when he can’t take it anymore, he goes to her to fix his mistake.

While things are going great between them and their “bean” is doing great, Gabe’s history comes back and tosses an entirely new set of issues to the mix. Marley witnesses something that Gabe doesn’t think she did, and she bolts (don’t blame her) and he comes after her and fixes the issue. But the fix is also extremely good news for Gabe. No spoiler but will be understood while reading it.

We get the HEA between Gabe and Marley as well the healthy little “bean” that they both want so much.

Thank you Ella, for such interesting characters and as second chance to get things right!