Again, another wonderful, funny read by Lila Monroe

This one is about Lizzie, who works as a curator for a museum and Jake, who finds hard to find items for exhibits. They met one New Years Eve and do some interesting things to get back at Lizzie’s ex, then end up back at Jake’s place. Needless to say the night doesn’t have a “Happy Ending” like most NYE hook ups. Not going to spoil how the “hookup” doesn’t work out. It’s too funny.

Forward a couple years and they cross paths again. Lizzie remembers but Jake doesn’t. Lizzie takes great pleasure in taunting Jake with that information until he finally remembers. Their working relationship is strained due to this but she moves forward a professional as possible. But due to what happened between them and her other dates, she goes on a rant that she video’s and thinks it’s just for her sister but come to find out, it end up on the web and everyone knows about her miserable sex life.

Now the fun begins, she starts getting all this attention (Jake doesn’t like it) but she turns them down. Women she runs into everyone are backing her 100% on this mission and one of Jake’s friends puts up $50,000 for anyone that can get Lizzie to break her strike (he did this as his wife joined the sex strike and he wasn’t happy about it). Lizzie doesn’t know about the money but Jake does but doesn’t say anything about it. They continue to grow closer and almost take things all the way until Lizzie is told about the money. She freaks and goes off on Jake thinking that’s the only reason he was pursuing her. All of this goes down while they are on a trip trying to secure items for an exhibit.

Once they return home after a tense flight, Lizzie approaches Jake’s friend and totally goes off. While things are off between Jake and Lizzie, they do push forward and pull off a great exhibit but things go downhill during the opening gala and it looks like things are going south between the two for good.

But feelings finally come out (thanks goodness) and we get the HEA but not have some heavy emotional thoughts about why society is like it is now a days (which is unfortunately sad at best).

Again, another wonderful, funny book from Lila!!!