I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard reading a book before. The story is great and it helps that I love Vegas and Dr. Who, so this is the ultimate read for me.

We have a grumpy guy in Vegas for a wedding and an Author in town for a book event. It doesn’t help that grumpy guy is a divorce lawyer.  Nate and Julia met by physically bumping into each other at check in. While she thinks he’s hot looking, she’s totally put off by his attitude. Nate is just grumpy that he has to be there and it’s for a wedding.

As the day goes on, we find out that the bride to be loved Julia’s work and asks her and her friends to come along for the party. Julia and her friends do, which pisses Nate off even more. While adding booze to the mix, Julia and Nate start to take notice of each other until things get away out of control. They wake together the next morning with no idea as to what went down the night before.

So, now the hunt is on to figure it out. Both of them are forget about the responsibilities they are to be handling there to back track their steps to figure it out. I would like to spill the beans on what all went down but to do so would spoil it for you, the reader. Lets just say, that Vegas is always worth it.

In the end, the wedding goes off like it should, Nate and Julia go their different directions. We are hoping for a HEA and we do get it when both Julia and Nate come to their senses and get together.

Again, I’d love to go into detail about what happened in Vegas but to do so would spoil it. Just know that it’s awesome and worth the read.

Thanks for the great book Lila. As I’ve been to Vegas many, many times and seen some of this stuff go down, I totally loved how you captured it in the book!!!