It was so nice to see Mason get his own story. I enjoyed his character in “Cuffed” and it was nice catching up with those characters in this book.

We have Mason, who runs the biker bar Mason Jar, having a hard time keeping wait staff at the bar. They all seem to fall in love with him but he’s not having it. Then in walks this beauty names Michelle/Shell and totally knocks him for a loop. She’s a gal looking for a job with a shitty back ground but is trying to do the right thing no matter what it takes.

Mason hires her and starts to become a bit obsessed with her. While Michelle fights the feels she has for him, she continues to do her job so well so she keeps it. But her secret is revealed and Mason feels like shit that he didn’t see it, Cass pointed it out. Mason goes about fixing it and while he’s at it, he can’t help but kiss her. They both fight the attraction and it even hits Michelle hard that maybe he just doesn’t want her like that.

Mason finally sucks it up and makes his move but only have Michelle (with Cass/Kelly’s help) give him a push in the right direction. Chemistry is hot between them and it’s hot between the sheets. They both fall hard and Mason also falls for Shell’s little girl (one of the secrets) but while life is going good for all of our characters, there is a storm brewing with stuff from the past and it’s coming back to roost.

Mason does his best to keep everyone safe (one of the reasons you fall in love with him) and keep the peace. While we get our HEA, there is the introduction to the “killer” and well he isn’t killed in this book, so as the series progresses I’m hoping that we get more about the lives of the characters here as well as new ones.

Thanks for another great read Joanna and I can’t wait for the the next one!