I loved this book. I loved Quinn as I am also extremely clumsy 🙂

We have Ward, a former Seal with a lot of baggage and Quinn, who is a teacher but from a high society family and well she’s clumsy.

Quinn, is having a rough day and receives a flyer for some intense workout program. As her life is currently crazy, she decides what the heck. She calls the number and talks to Ward, who is rude to her.

Well the next morning, she shows up for class and well her clumsy is all over the place and takes Ward out. I found this scene exceptionally funny (I could see me doing something like this – hehe) and well Ward isn’t happy about it. Quinn shows up the next day, even thought Ward had hoped she wouldn’t. So to say that it goes better is an understatement. Quinn’s clumsy is in fully force and well the scene this time is even funnier.

What we find out after this scene, is that Ward has many injuries from his time in the service that still and will continue to cause him pain for the rest of his life. He also has a lot of scarring that causes most people to run as he plays up that he is a bad boy because of them. Quinn looks beyond all of that and find him hot and irresistible and Ward doesn’t get it all. He hasn’t been with a woman for years to to his physical issues and keeps pushing Quinn away.

Quinn doesn’t take no for an answer and steamy/hot sex happens. Both are overjoyed with the outcome and Ward now can’t shake Quinn from his thoughts as to why she would want him.

Things go south when Quinn takes Ward to a family function. It crushes Quinn and Ward trys to play it off as being a tough guy and it won’t work but when Ward finally comes around to being in love with her and that a life with her isn’t impossible or out of the realm of possibility. He goes for it and Quinn is reluctant but she feels the same and we get our HEA we all wanted.

While I identify with Quinn on the clumsy factor, I fell in love with Ward. His phyiscal injuries and limitation were just heartbreaking and you just feel for him so much. I’m glad that the book takes his thought process in a positive direction as I know and understand how hard the injury/limitation are to get for for the former military personnel.