What a great read!!! I loved the story line and the characters.

We have Nash, who is in the military, and Alexis/Lexi who is from a very broken childhood. Well, the sex is off the charts and Nash keeps going back for more even thought he’s only there for a short time.There’s just something about Lexi that he can’t get out of his system and while they keep saying it’s not permanent, Nash just can’t get her out of his system.

Well, it comes time for Nash to take off. Lexi tells herself she’s ok that this is how it’s ending and will never see Nash again, but that still doesn’t stop the heartbreak. Same goes for Nash. He thinks he can shake it but he can’t.

Several months go by and nothing has changed. They both are still missing the other but with Nash out on assignment, there isn’t much that can be done. Until, Lexi hears from Nash. He’s out of the service and has come back for her. At first, she’s pissed and doesn’t want anything to do with him but then she stops fighting it and love takes hold for both of them and we get our HEA.

I loved this story with the history of the characters and the fact that they both have such rough backstories that they overcome. What’s not to love.