Storm: (Billionaire, bad boy suspense romance) (Sex and Bullets Book 1)

By Jo Raven


Raylin is on the run from the Chinese mafia. Her father and brother shortchange some business associates and they come after Raylin for the payment. Raylin takes a one way ticket to Florida to find temporary housing. While she is on the beach she notices a house that is sitting vacant and decides to break in for a temporary home. While she is there she meets Storm, a tattooed guy working on repairing a fence a few houses down. They hit it off but Raylin is hesitant to get close to Storm because she is on the run. Storm knows something is not quite right with Raylin. Raylin tells him a story and Storm figures out there is more to it. Storm has a few secrets of his own though. He is running from an affluent family trying to sort out his life. Eventually Raylin comes clean to Storm. And Storm reveals his secrets as well. Storm helps Raylin settle the debt owed to the Chinese mafia. This was a very good read! Suspenseful at moments and kept my interest to keep turning the pages. Well done Jo Raven!

— Jay