Hitting That Sweet Spot (Rogue Rockstar Series Book 3)

By Lara Ward Cosio

Hitting That Sweet Spot is Shay’s story in the series. Shay is the introvert, quiet drummer for the band Rogue. Shay has such a big heart. His relationship with his brother Danny Boy is one of responsibility and much heartbreak. Shay feels responsible for Danny’s actions. Addiction tears you up inside between the love of who the person used to be and how they become after drug use. Shay doesn’t have much luck with the ladies and lacks in the flirting department. But when you least expect it, Shay acts like himself and meets Jessica. This story brought some tears to my eyes and made me laugh out loud at moments in the book.

Shay meets Jessica who could be the one. They get together and we see all of the ups and downs of their relationship. The biggest problem being Shay taking care of Danny Boy and cleaning up after his messes. This comes between Shay and Jessica. Jessica is a waitress and dancer, who is finishing up her degree. We also see Gavin and Conner who are also in the band and previous books in the series. Lara Ward Cosio doesn’t take away from Shay’s character though. She incorporated just enough so we have a better understanding of Shay’s personality and the reason on why he is the way he is.

Shay realizes after Jessica leaves, what he must do. And with the help of a few friends (band members), Shay makes a plan to go after Jessica’s heart. This was such a great read! In the end, Shay sorts out their relationship and gets the girl! And helps her with a situation to get her back to dancing. Loved this book!

— Jay