Blitzed is the first book in the Ballers and Babies Series by Lauren Landish.

We have Troy and Whitney, the high school love story that everyone roots for. But as some things happen, an expected paregnancy happens but due to Whitney’s upbrining and her past, she leaves without telling anyone except her mom. Troy is crushed and pours all his efforts into being the best football player he can be heading to college.

While we understand why Whitney may have felt she needed to leave, for Troy to follow his dreams, it’s still an old school way of thinking.

Forward five years and Whitney returns home for her best friends wedding. While she’s at it, she attends one of Troy’s pro-football pre-season games. Whitney’s daughter, Laurie, gets Troy’s attention to sign something and that’s when Troy and Whitney see each other for the first time in years. The sparks and love are still here but Troy doesn’t understand how Whitney could have a child. He’s pissed and plays one of the best games of his life. Whitney does invite him to have dinner with them after the game, so he decides he needs to go and find out what’s going on. There is a little issues at the resturant, but it resolves itself and Whitney/Laurie head to her mothers. At Dani’s wedding, Whitney’s best friend, Troy and Whitney come back togehter as a couple and Troy knows that Laurie is his.

All of the gang seems back together and knows about Laurie. Everyone is happy and things start to move forward towards our HEA. Troy and Whitney tell Laurie that Troy’s her father and she’s over the moon. But as with all good things, something comes up. Troy get’s traded to a different team and Whitney says she can’t uproot Laurie again (and over and over if he keeps getting traded). Troy leaves (as he has to) but is extremely unhappy. As a little time goes by and both Dani and her mother tell her she needs to go to Troy, it takes a rash act by Laurie to get Whitney in gear to go to him.

We do end with the HEA we love and are happy the couple found their way back to each other.

I really love this series and have read it multiple times. It’s and interesting take of young love and growing up that most people can associate with.