Saving Scarlett 

By Emily Bishop 

This book was ok. It started out strong but kind of fizzled by the end.

Scarlett is a research journalist hot on the heels of something big. She gets too close to finding the truth and ends up being left in a burning building to die. Isaac, a firefighter and Scarlett’s neighbor realizes when he goes out on the fire call that she is his neighbor who he ends up dragging out of a burning building to save. While Scarlett is recovering in the hospital, Isaac visits to make sure she is all right. Part of the problem I have with this book is that there were no police involved after Scarlett was recovered from the fire. I am pretty sure they would want to know who beat her, tied her to a chair and left her for dead in a burning building. The police would have also questioned her about what she was investigating or researching that might have contributed to her injuries. Isaac looks after Scarlett when she gets released from the hospital. She recovers with Isaac’s help. Eventually Scarlett pieces together what she was investigating and even though Scarlett feels like she can handle all of it herself, if it were not for Isaac, she would probably end up dead again. Together they solve the dilemma. Overall this story was ok but it could have been so much more.

— Jay