This was a great read and I enjoyed catching up with Gable & Scout Powers from the Powers Brother’s series.

In this short read, we have Gable who is out of college and working for a firm. We find out that he and Scout did get married and are happily enjoying NYE in Vegas thanks to Gable’s company.

While Gable and some co-workers are enjoying some fights that are going on out there, Scout is texting/talking with friends (and it’s nice to catch up with them as well). Scout gets an odd feeling on an office during the evening that someone it watching her. It isn’t until later in the evening when heading out to the NYE party, that we find out that her feelings were real and who is stalking her. Things get weird and Gable puts an end to it but Scout is disappointed as she had something to share with Gable at midnight that she didn’t get to.

So they head back to their room and do their own count down to midnight (I like the way Gable things) but Scout says that she gets #1 and finally tells Gable her surprise.

We had the HEA for this great couple and it was so much fun reading about them again. I love the Powers Brother series and could read them over and over.

Thanks Harper!