This is my first book by Sloane Howell and I enjoyed it. While it had some funny parts in it, it was a very intense read with heavy content but extremely well written characters!

We have Landon, former military (sort of) man with a son name Logan. An our lovely heroine Cora. While they get off to a rocky start due to a fight at school (Cora’s a teacher), they have an instant attraction. Things progress but Cora’s pushing to stop the forward momentum of the relationship, stating parent/teacher issues.

But as all good things go, they move forward together and fall in love. Cora love’s Logan to death as well as the others in Logan/Landon’s life. While Cora doesn’t understand Landon’s past, she does try to comes to terms with it as well as her poor relationship with her parents.

Things from Landon’s past come back to roost, as well as people, and this causes several issues between Cora and Landon while Landon’s just trying to keep his life and freedom (as well as Logan, Cora, and friends safe). He’s forced to relive his past and fight for his life/freedom/family.

All is moving forward until the last fight, when he faces someone from the past that has the means to kill him and ruin his family. Landon prevails but at the expense of the lives of his friends.

We do get the HEA we love as well as several of the open issues from the past are closed up nicely.