Our Finest Hour

By Jennifer Millikin

Aubrey and Isaac meet in a bar. Both trying to get over broken hearts. They agree to hook up for one hour. No complications, no names, just one hour together. Isaac and Aubrey get together and then they part without exchanging information. Fate has another hand in their story. Aubrey learns she is pregnant and has no way to get into contact with Isaac. Several years pass and Aubrey’s daughter gets injured. She takes her to the emergency room where the doctor on call is none other than Isaac. The attraction is instantaneous again. Aubrey’s daughter has to have surgery on her broken arm. Isaac is the surgeon. After realizing that Aubrey is the one that got away with no names, Isaac does the math and realizes that the girl he just operated on was his daughter. It is almost like fate is pushing these two together. Aubrey is overprotective of their daughter. She is trying to make sure Isaac knows what he is getting into. Isaac wants to do the right thing by Aubrey and eventually she gives in when she finally realizes they belong together as a family. Great read! I really enjoyed this one.

— Jay