By Ilsa Madden-mills

Spider’s life is a mess. He is torn up inside over the death of his sister and his relationship with his father is damaged. He turns to music and drugs to cope and get by. He is part of an up and coming band that’s ready to take off. Rose hasn’t had an ideal life. Her mom’s boyfriend comes after her and she escapes to the local convenience mart. There she encounters a British boy who is compassionate and gives her money so she can eat. Years later their paths cross again on an airplane which affects both deeply. They discover upon landing they are now step siblings.

Both characters are very empathetic. You feel the angst between them and the passion and sparks that could be. I questioned the motives behind some of the choices they make but in the end, Spider comes back better than ever to claim what he wants – Rose. Will Rose forgive him or move on? The story pulls you in and makes you keep reading. There is lots of drama but I promise the story has a happy ending. Great read and I loved it!

— Jay