The Cabin

By Alice Ward

Zoe Meadows, a twenty-two year old historical romance author rents a secluded cabin to get away from her past and finish up her book with a looming deadline. She goes into the small town nearby to get food and supplies for a while. The locals warn her to be careful because there is a winter storm coming. On her way back to the cabin, the snow starts coming down.

Gray Maddox, reclusive millionaire hiding from his past is trying to forget the death of his wife and unborn child and hiding from the world in a mountain cabin in Montana.

As Zoe goes back toward her cabin, the winter storm worsens. The snow comes down so hard it makes it hard for her to see. The roads start to get slick and as she winds around on the roads to get back, her jeep starts to slide. She goes off the road and down the side of the cliff. Her jeeps rolls and rolls stopping perched on a tree. Zoe is badly injured. She lays there trapped by a tree branch that is stuck through the jeep.

Gray has monitors outside all over his property for his security and seclusion from the world. At one point his dog Maggie starts barking. He looks at his monitors and discovers something on one of his monitors. He suits up for the conditions and takes his four-wheeler out to see what set off the alarm on his monitor and cameras. He comes across Zoe’s mangled jeep. Gray is able to help Zoe out of the jeep but she has head injuries. Gray takes her back to his cabin and begins trying to help Zoe out. He cleans her up and she has a concussion, blurry vision, contusion and many bruises and scrapes. Eventually Zoe starts to recover. Gray helps her the best he can.

This story is a quick read and keeps you interested. Gray and Zoe keep each other company after Zoe heals from her injuries. They both realize there is more to life than hiding and overcome their fears by getting together. The characters are likeable and real and I had a laugh when they found a kitten and named it Gonad the Barbarian. Good read!