*** I received an advance copy of this book for review ***

This book was awesome, amazing and I loved it so much! Thank you HJ and Kathy for writing this crossover book.

I was so thrilled when I saw it was coming out as I love the “Syndicate Series” so much, so catching up with the characters was like getting an extra present for the holidays! I also will do my best not to give away any spoilers so everyone can read it and feel the highs and lows of the characters like it did.

We start with a grown up Justice, who’s parents are Cain and Calla of the Diamond Empire. She’s just as head strong, determined and beautiful as her parents. Then we have Liam, the hot, sexy, famous quarterback who’s coming off an injury.

Justice has been placed as the one in charge of a new football team her “family” has started and is putting together one talented team. She want’s Liam but it comes with strings attached and one messy history. Liam signs the contract to play for them but also has a hidden agenda when it comes to Justice.

As things progress, the tension and stress between the two is so high it’s threatening to pull Justice apart and break her. Liam doesn’t understand this until he overhears a conversation and finally understands just how broken she is from everything happening currently and the events from their past. After a conversation with his family, Liam finally comes to terms that he still loves Justice as much as he did before and wants to put it behind them.

He approaches Justice and they talk through everything. While it doesn’t fix all the issues, it does give them a foundation to start to have a better relationship. This not only helps them personally but professionally as well. I won’t spoil the next issue that comes up, but given Justice’s family and what they do, lets just say that some bad stuff is starting to go down.

While Justice doesn’t what to bother her family with it, she does bring it up to her Dad, Uncle Roan (the head of the Empire), Liam and her cousin Alex. As her family has a specific way to handle issues that come up, she doesn’t wish that to happen to the individual that is doing this to her.

As I’m familiar with the characters from the series, I was so happy to get additional information and insight into Cain/Calla and the family. I was extremely happy with how they have moved forward and grown (as well as the other family members). Cain and Uncle Roan take the steps needed to protect her and Liam is finally understands all of her issues from their past and what her family life brings to their relationship.

As we are moving towards the HEA that we all want for Justice and Liam, that issues finally comes full circle and threatens to bring everyone down. While there is an accident and pain for all involved, they make it through and we get our HEA for Justice and Liam, but at the mental expense of another family member.


HJ and Kathy – Thank you so much for this book. It was excellent and I highly recommend this book (as well as the Syndicate Series) for all our blog followers. The characters are written in a way that you fall for them and feel like you are along for the ride whether it be for the good times or the bad given the family’s history. I hope that there are more book in store for readers with this family.

Thanks for letting me be are part of the ARC!