By C.D. Reiss

Emily is a choreographer for her best friend Darlene, a well-known singer. Emily has an abusive ex-boyfriend who now has become a stalker. So Darlene assigns one of her bodyguards to protect Emily. When Emily meets her assigned protector Carter Kincaid, she can’t get over how sexy he is.  Carter is ex-LAPD and his main focus now is keeping celebrities safe. Carter and Emily end up spending a lot of time together. Emily feels like she is trapped and has no freedom because of her stalker. Carter is a very private person and doesn’t reveal much about his life to Emily. Emily has an issue with feeling like she is sharing her life with him, so why can’t he share some of his life details with her. Sparks fly between the two. Can Carter keep his personal life separate from what he feels for Emily? The storyline is a bit predictable. But I loved Carter and his son. Both offered a chuckle her and there and the characters are likable. Good read!