In this second book of the Skulls Renegade MC series, we have the story of Daisy and Seamus (Olli/Oliver). They are two characters from the first book that are part of the MC. We pick up with Reed and Elena’s HEA, Reed’s brother returning after leaving the MC and other messy issues still playing out from the first book.

Daisy is one of the female members of the MC and Seamus is the enforcer. They have known each other for years but their path to romance and HEA has some odd events.  We find that Daisy and Reed’s brother, Kyle, have a history as well as how damaged Daisy is due to events that Kyle put into play before he left the MC.

While Daisy and Seamus have kept their relationship under lock and key, Kyle is pushing to get Daisy back. This is taking its toll on Daisy as she doesn’t want him back but he’s refusing to listen. While this mess is playing out, we still have all of the issues from the first book playing out as well with the “women” that are coming into the MC as well as tracking down the people who are selling them; saving as many as they can. We also find out about Seamus’s past and his home life (man is his Dad a dick).

Things come to a head and Seamus and Kyle go head to head and more about Daisy’s past comes up. It’s such a tragic set of events and Kyle starts to understand why now Daisy is done with them. This also brings back all the issues that Daisy has gone through and she’s pissed at everyone, She finally makes up with Seamus and things are moving along ok until we find out that Daisy is expecting. Due to the issues from her past, she isn’t sure she should or wants to be a mother; but in the end she, Seamus and the baby are all doing ok.

We close this book out with Kyle getting into trouble, Reed stressing about this as well as other MC business, Elena bringing her MC into the Skull’s and of course Daisy/Seamus’s future

Again, this is such as great series and I was left picking up the third book so I could continue the story.