Such an exciting,  unexpected twists and turns in this book. The characters are wonderfully written and their histories are full of heartache and tragedy you can’t help but root for them to make it out the other side. It’s also important to note that all of the characters are in all of the “Skulls Renegade” books, so it’s important to understand how they all play together for the series.

In this first book, we have the story of Elena and Reed. Elena is just getting out of a nasty break up and asks for a new assignment which leads her to go undercover in Reed’s MC. The FBI has a information stating that Reed’s MC is involved in some major illegal and shady dealings.

Elena infiltrates the MC quickly and the Prez, Reed, falls for her. While Elena’s find out that the MC isn’t into the illegal deals that originally sent her undercover, she does turn in what she does find out of the FBI. They let her stay undercover but it does come at a risk/cost to her. She and Reed continue to get closer and her history just keeps coming closer and closer to being exposed to all. All hell breaks loose when her fathers, the Prez of another MC shows up and well lets just say shit hits the fan.

Needless to say, dear old dad isn’t around long and now all of Elena’s past is coming out. Reed is ok with this and loves her dearly. They go after the people doing the illegal dealing, that gets them put into protective custody but things in the MC still go sideways. Reed and Elena leave custody and make their way back to the MC to handle the issues.

When this book wraps up, we don’t have the normal HEA that we usually get but we do know that the HEA is there and will be addressed in the next book for the series. Reed and Elena are such a cool couple and bring some odd issues together and make the most of their lives.

Absolutely enjoy this book and the characters. All of them are so detailed that you can’t help get caught up and start the next book right away.