In this third book, we have Jenna and Dmitri. Jenna is a full member of the Skull’s and Dmitri is originally from Elena’s MC and has moved up to be part of the Skull’s. They both have such interesting back stories and while I loved the first two books, this has by far my favorite of the series.

Jenna has always been part of the Skulls but due to some past issues, came back into the Skull’s under a new identity. Dmitri is extremely quite and very watchful, but giving his past tied to the Russian’s and what Elena’s dad did to him, it make sense.

I’ll do my best not to provide spoilers, but wowzer’s this book is intense. Jenna’s fighting to wrong rights that were done to her family by the former leader of the Skull’s and one of his high ranking members. Dmitri is trying to come to terms with how his family is fitting into the Russian trafficking ring.

Jeanna does get her revenge but in the end, her past is laid open to Dmitri (who doesn’t judge and helps her) but what comes out at the end is not expected. Dmitri on the other hand now gets to have a relationship with a sister he thought ‘d never see again. We also find out that Dmitri’s sister is actually associated with the Russian leader.

We also get caught up on all the other characters. Reed/Elena are doing great and going strong, Daisy/Seamus are great, Kyle get’s out of the trouble he’s in (thanks to people from Jenna’s past and Dmitri’s help). The right people end up dead (thank goodness) and we get the intro into the next book in the series (Relentless – but no dated… sigh)

Again, great series and characters that wonderfully written – thanks Elizabeth!!!!