Choosing Forever (The Torn Duet #2)

By Mia Kayla

This is the continuation in the series. I could not wait to get to read this one. What I anticipated happening, got switched up! If you thought Sam would go for the reliable, stable, clear cut choice, you could be wrong. Hawke is a strong contender even with all his faults; drug abuse, insecurities and demons and I felt as though he really cared for Sam. Hawke trusts no one but is able to let Sam into his life. This might be the extent of what he is able to give to her. Josh has cared for her since they met. The sizzle is there between them as well. He is reliable and stable and treats her like a queen, or should I say his Princess.

This book had me on an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed and cried. It was bittersweet at moments. Wow, just wow! Excellent character development and the plot moved along quickly with all the details you need. This book series is one you will not want to miss reading!!! I loved it!!