Kissing Booth

By River Laurent

Dani Sabre set up a kissing booth when she was a kid to get money for her family. Several of the boys in the schoolyard line up to get kisses. One of the boys gives her a handful of money. But the teacher and principle step in to break up the ordeal. The boy never got his kisses. Her family was poor and her father an alcoholic. Child Services step in and take her from her parents for not being able to support her.

Flash forward many years, and Dani is working for a cleaning agency while going to school. She gets an assignment to clean an ultra-rich guy’s apartment. There are specific conditions on how he wants his apartment cleaned. Dani abides by them and then when she gets into the master bedroom, she lays down on the bed and falls asleep. The owner, Brock, discovers her asleep and then recognizes her from the schoolyard. They went to the same school and he never realizes what happened to her after she left.

She wakes up to discover Brock staring at her. Fearing she is going to get fired for falling asleep, she apologizes. Instead Brock makes an offer to her to be his fake fiancé to make his exe jealous. She accepts and he buys her new clothes, pays for everything she needs, and they travel to his ex-fiancé’s wedding. Right before the wedding they join the bride to be and the groom for dinner. After meeting the bride, Dani feels like they couldn’t have been in love. Brock and Dani get closer and closer together. The bride is seeing red because she still is in love with Brock. The story has some twists but I feel like the plot could have been developed a little further with the story of how they met and the ex-fiancé. The characters are believable and it is a quick read. I have to say I didn’t read the remainder of the content that was included with the book. Overall a good read.