Wow, just wow! This story was amazing!

I have never read anything from this author but you know I like stories about Rock Stars and boys in bands and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Torn Between Two (The Torn Duet #1)

By Mia Kayla

Being torn between rock God Hawke Calvin and lawyer to be, Josh Stanton is daunting. Samantha is a pastry sous chef with plans for her life that include becoming a top chef.  Sam is involved with both and they could not be more different. Each bring out a side of her that the other doesn’t. Will she choose the rocker who treats her like a plaything or will she go for the stable, caring man? She seems to know in her heart, who makes it flutter. Sam wants to fix the mistakes of her mom from the past. There is definitely a tug of war going on with her heart. And this leaves you with a cliffhanger and wanting more!