In Book 4, we have Roarke and Marina story. I loved Roarke, he’s such an awesome character and you can really get the feel’s for this guy.

While Roarke is now back to a “normal” non-military life, he still doesn’t feel like he fits in and that he’s broken beyond repair. He also has a bit of a hero complex and wants to save everyone and everything. While being the hero that he is, he saves a kid from a horrendous accident but he himself is injured. Due to his past life, waking in an hospital, in pain, and not remembering why he’s there, he freaks out. In walks Marina, the nurse that sets him straight and gets him to calm down.

Marina, while professional and in nurse mode, can’t help be feel attracted to the hot, dangerous man in her care. She gets him to calm down and works with him to manage what is happening. The seen with the crutches is awesome/funny and puts Roarke in his place for a little bit. The scene where he’s released is so steamy, you kind of wish it was you there.

Once Roarke is released and back in his domain, he can’t stop thinking about Marina. But he doesn’t want to and tries to push the feelings aside. Marina feels the same way but decides to act on her feelings. When she does, we get some really hot sexy times. Roarke states it’s a one time release for both of them but somehow it keeps happening.

Marina finds herself in a dangerous situation at the hospital and Roarke comes to the rescue, but it comes at a cost for Roarke. He turns into an a$$ to Marina. Once he figures out that he isn’t as broken as he seems, he apologies for Jake/Raine for being an a$$ as well as for keeping Raine in the dark on the ex issue. Then he heads to Marina’s to try to explain and apologize to her as well. Her very smart child, Sam, help encourage him that all is not lost.

We get the HEA we love, find out about other ex’s that are a POS and that kids really are more in tune to things than most people think.

Thank you for a wonderful series Kaily. I have absolutely love the characters and stories in the series! Can’t wait to read more from you!