Oh my goodness, Lauren has done it again. This book is steamy, sex, hot and wowzers for Jones.

We have Jones, the hot, sexy football player who like scoring not only with football but also with the ladies; which causes other issues in his life. Then we have Jillian, the “it” PR gal for the team. She’s working to make sure the team has a great rep as well as the individual players.

So that brings up to Jones and Jillian working closely together since Jones has a bad rep as a party guy/ladies man. While Jillian doesn’t like it, she knows that as the teams PR person, she can’t get involved with any of the players no matter how much she wants to. Jones on the other hand, love to push her buttons and tries to get her to act on the connection that they have.

As we find more out about both of their back grounds, we know that they both feel the same way about each other but Jillian keeps the professional appearance up. She get’s Jones involved in a shelter/rescue animal calendar and helps with with his new agent on a sponsorship deal that he has. Everything is going great in the professional front until they take a trip to Florida for one of the shoots.

Things grow tense and they act out on their feelings. While we get a ring side seat to the chemistry that they have, we also get the risks involved in being together. So they do the mature thing and decide that the time in Florida is all the have.

Well, that sounds great but we all know that feelings don’t follow normal rules. They try to keep it on the down low and keep their distance from each other but that isn’t working. The sexy texting doesn’t help either.

Jillian finally has enough and comes clean to her boss/mentor. It’s not that she can’t have a relationship with a team member, it’s been something that her boss has always encouraged her not to do. The fallout personally as well as professional could ruin everyone involved. While Jones is on board with this, he has a chance encounter with a former player that really messes with his head and he starts to pull back. What he doesn’t get at the time, is that by him doing that, it’s pushing Jillian away and now she’s second guessing what she’s done.

Jones finally pulls it together when an hit on the field brings everything full circle for him. He finally comes clean to his agent, sponsor and team members about his feelings for Jillian and we get the HEA that we love so much.

Thanks Lauren for always writing such fun, creative characters with great story lines. Hope that there’s more with this group of characters, they are awesome!