Book 3 is the story of Jake and Raine. Jake has returned for good and is planning to settle down with Raine, the gal he has been seeing when he’s home for years, but she just ends things with no reason (according to Jake). He’s crushed and when you add this to the rest of the issues he has, this pushes him. He’s confused but with the help of his best friend, he makes the decision to win her back even if he doesn’t understand why they aren’t still together.

Raine on the other hand knows exactly why she broke it off and swears it’s over. Jake has other plans and hires here to help him find a new house, one he can settle in with her. Things get a bit nuts but the sexual tension is there and Jake keeps pushing. One evening, he goes to Raine’s but isn’t prepared to see a brother from the past, which just happens to be her brother.

We find out why Raine has issues with long term commitments and also that her brother has been playing a dangerous game. We find out Raine’s ex is unstable and the brother hasn’t told her about him being around and still causing issues, but Jake gets involved. When Raine finally gets wind of what’s going one, she is pissed (rightfully so). Jake and Roarke (her brother) work together to keep her safe. Jake demands that Raine take self defense lesson’s from his best friend and it’s a good thing she does.

Crazy ex has been plotting to get her back and doing some underhanded tactics to do it. He gets her along and lets his crazy out. She is able to defend herself and by the time that Jake and Roarke get there, they are able to finish taking care of the issue at hand.

We do end with an HEA with Jake and Raine, as well as get a peak at Roarke and his story to come.

I enjoyed both Raine and Jake’s characters and Raine’s history with the ex. I think it’s extremely important for women to know how to defend themselves from something like this both mentally and physically. Thanks Kaily for keeping this issue in the open for everyone!