Surprise Daddy

By Nicole Snow

When I first saw the cover of this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Maybe a surprise pregnancy? It just goes to show you what people have to deal with when returning from serving in the military and the sacrifices they make in their lives afterward with emotional baggage. This book is a darker read from an emotional standpoint. Promises made and the legion to those you have served with.

This story is about Marshal and Sadie. Sadie has an encounter with Marshal in the doctor’s office where she is interning as a phlebotomist. Sadie has to take blood from Marshal’s daughter, who is pretty young. The office staff warn her that the patient’s dad is one to contend with. He is known around the town as the Castoff. Rude and standoffish with everyone but his daughter. People stay away from Marshal like he has the plague. Sadie takes the blood from his daughter and Marshal has angry words with her as he leaves. Sadie notices that Marshal left an advertisement for needing to hire a nanny. She decides to inquire about the job and Marshal hires her. There is a spark between them but neither are sure how to act on it.

This is a gradual love that grows. Sadie doesn’t let Marshal get away with much and holds her ground. She challenges him and what comes out of it is more than understanding. Marshal starts to come out of his emotional black hole and realizes how great love and life can really be. He begins to trust again and just maybe love.

The characters are well developed and I could feel Marshal’s pain and determination to avenge his fallen soldiers. The ending came quick and I am not sure if it couldn’t have been expanded out a little further. But this was a good read and I really liked it!