Guilty Pleasure: A Badboy Romance

By Naomi North

Angel is a nurse who just got off her shift from the hospital she works at. As she is driving along an isolated road on her way home, she stops suddenly to avoid hitting a guy in the road. He is injured so she gets out and asks if she could help. He tells her to get back into her car and go away. She is persistent and feels like she needs to help him out. She convinces him to get in her car and tries to say he needs to go to the hospital. Alex tells her no hospital. They bicker between each other and Angel agrees not to take him to the hospital. Alex tells her she really shouldn’t be helping him. That he is not a good person but Angel won’t take no for an answer. Alex finds it hard to resist Angel. Alex tells Angel he is only going to bring her trouble for taking him in. Angel inquires if he is a criminal but there is such a sizzle between the two they cannot stay away from one another. Angel ends up seeing Alex’s face on the news as a man wanted for murder. Angel wants to know if he is really guilty. Alex explains that a dirty cop is after him.  The VP of a biker gang wants to use him so he can take over the gang. This is a fast paced and steamy story. Lots of sizzle between Alex and Angel.