Ever After (Dirtshine Book 3)

By Roxie Noir


Roxie Noir has done it again! We first meet Liam in Book 1 – Never Enough. Liam is the character you love to hate.

He has used his friends and put them through hell because of his addiction to heroin. At one of the most tormented and painful points in Liam’s addiction, he is planning on jumping from a bridge in front of a train. An American girl stops on the bridge and convinces him not to jump. After two failed attempts in rehab, Liam has moved to a small town in England working as a bartender in a pub and is clean. In walks the girl from the bridge who saved him. Frankie is in England with her fiancé to meet his parents. Her trip was supposed to be for 2 weeks. Alistar’s family is continually putting her down and looking down their nose at her. Frankie decides she can’t take it any longer and takes one of the cars into the town to the pub. Frankie becomes intrigued by the smart mouthed, tattooed bartender. After several trips to the pub, Frankie and Liam become friends. Alistar figures out where Frankie has been going during the night. He treats her badly and causes a scene at the pub. Frankie realizes this isn’t the life she wants to live. So she leaves Alistar a note and her engagement ring. She makes plans to head back to New York. On her way to the train station, she decides she needs to tell Liam goodbye. Liam welcomes her into his house and things with them heat up! Eventually Frankie decides she has to go back to New York. So she writes her phone number on an envelope for Liam. He was sleeping and she didn’t want to wake him. Liam wakes and notices Frankie is not there. He is devastated and realizes he really cares for her. At some point he starts drinking and ends up burning the envelope her phone number was on. He has no way to contact Frankie. Eventually he goes to New York to find her but ends up being unsuccessful. Around the same time, his good friend Gavin is getting married in LA, so Liam heads to California for the wedding. Liam reunites with his former band members at the church and wedding reception. He goes to get a sparkling soda to drink and quickly notices that the bartender is Frankie. He gets his drink and then goes to mingle with the guests. Frankie feels like he has forgotten her. Liam can’t believe she left without saying goodbye. Eventually they both seek each other out and they both start understanding their true feelings for each other.  This story was raw, emotional with ups and downs but tells a great, flawed love story! Liam redeems himself with Frankie and his friends. I loved it!