This is the first book by Julia Wolf that I’ve read and I absolutely enjoyed it. It was a quick read with excellent characters that have heart and soul! Plus the character names were fresh and interesting, it’s nice to see something out of the ordinary for a change.

We have Aviva, who is a grade school teacher and an avid runner who just happens to notice a totally hot guy that joins her Saturday running club. While she watches him for a couple weeks without talking to him, she finally works up the courage to do so. Enter Milo, the hot, sexy runner who’s been checking her out as well.

As life would have it, they hit is off and start talking until Aviva has a bit of an accident and Milo patches her up. That leads to some very steamy scene’s and leave them both wanting more.So now we have an every Saturday thing going, but Aviva comes out and states that at some point she is going to want more and Milo says he can’t give her more.

Due to this, Aviva goes on a date with someone else, but still lusting after Milo. She lets Milo know and that puts a stop to the Saturday sexy times. While Milo doesn’t think he can give her more, he finds that he wants more time with her to the point he’s questioning why he doesn’t go for it.

As we end, we find out that Milo has been put through the ringer with lady love and is burnt but can’t stop the want/need for Aviva and she wants him just as bad. They finally talk it though and we end up with the HEA that we love.

Very interesting back story on Milo and crushing when you think about it. Good guy that has some damage but Aviva loves him just the same and her outlook helps him grow.

What a wonderful read and thank you so much for providing a copy to me Julia!!!

I would also like to point out that she has a new release coming in March, “Cut Short” which I can’t wait to read!