Autumn Nights

By Elle Viviani

Country star Autumn Hart confirms she is hitting the road on tour from Nashville to Asheville, and anywhere in between. On her security team is her longtime friend, Bryce Hill (who looks like Thor). Bryce has had a thing for Autumn ever since they were in high school together. But Autumn never really noticed and then Bryce left for the military. He said he would stay in touch but the letters and communications between them become far and few. After several years, they reconnect and Bryce goes to work for Autumn as part of her security team. As the tour begins, paparazzi begin to notice that they have a special connection between the two. Bryce realizes he hasn’t gotten over Autumn the way he thought. And Autumn begins to realize the guy she has been dating is all wrong for her. When questioned about their relationship Autumn denies they rumors by saying “We have been friends since we could walk.” Bryce feels hurt when Autumn says this. He thought they had more than just friendship. The tour continues and begins to wear on both of them. Six weeks on a bus begins to break down their friendship and things heat up.

The author Elle Viviani lets us see both sides from Autumn and Bryce’s point of view. This is good because you get to see the characters motivation and how they ended up with the relationship they have. This is a good, quick read!!