One More Night

By Ali Parker

One More Night is the personal look into the life of the band Destitute lead singer and songwriter – Jared Larsen. Jared is known as the “Emperor of Rock”.  Jared and the band are at the top of their game enjoying life and all that comes with fame. It’s a new woman every night and they can barely remember their names. The women are after one thing, fame and notoriety from sleeping with a rock star. In comes a new PR manager Alicia and they begin to question everything. Alicia has a plan and she takes her work seriously. Jared knows once he sees her he is in for trouble. Alicia comes with a strong personality, an alpha to me and is resistant to Jared even though he looks like sex on a stick! Will the band members shape up and follow her plan or will chaos follow? Eventually both figure out they cannot resist each other. They are afraid to put a label on what relationship they have. But they have both found their match!!!

The characters were great! It was ups and downs and included turns you didn’t expect. At first I thought Jared was a total bagger but eventually he changed my heart! Great read and I couldn’t get enough of it.