Playing Me: A Rockstar Romance

By Jenny Lynn

Archer has it all – he’s a famous rock star, gets a different woman every night and the money that goes along with it. Archer is known for to be a bad boy and get into mischief. Even with everything he has in life, he doesn’t escape the pain of losing the one person who believed in him and heard his first song he wrote at the age of seven. Corrine is following her dream on continuing her father’s wish of writing, singing and playing songs. She takes on gigs in nightclubs just to get herself heard. She gets lucky one night when a record label executive is in the audience and hears her. She makes an appointment to meet with him and they would like to sign her. The only stipulation is that she is supposed to date Archer to help clean up his image and launch her career. Corrine thinks Archer is cocky and arrogant. She has no plans to be just another notch on his bedpost. She puts on an act when they are out in public together that they like each other. But then the heat eventually begins to heat up. One of Corrine’s friends come between Archer and her. Archer doesn’t understand and won’t let Corrine explain the circumstances. Eventually Corrine writes Archer a letter expressing how she felt about him. Archer begins to realize that he is in love with her. They reunite at her first concert and perform a duet together.

The author did a great job at making you feel what the characters were feeling. It is heartfelt and you feel the strength of the characters coming through. The buildup of the relationship kept me reading and not wanting to finish!! Loved it!