OMG such a funny, sexy, steamy read! 5 stars and highly recommended.

In this second book in the Man Hands series, we have the lovely Ash and Sabastian (aka Braht). They have a hate/love relationship that we first became acquainted with in “Man Hands”. Ash is such an uptight gal around Braht and he is totally in love with her. While he does all he can to break her down, she just keeps fighting it. We have the lovely scene at the end of “Man Hands” with them and a pantry (way to funny). This time around, they have to work together to sell Tom’s house… and it isn’t going so well as they try to out do each other (highly funny).

Well as things have it, Ash has a nasty ex that has caused her a ton of problems and Braht has a family past that haunts him daily. While both come back to be issues in this book, we do have Ash and Braht spending time together and getting to know one another better. It also helps that their best friends are happily in love and love to push the two together. It also helps that Ash’s parents mistake Braht for her “fake” boyfriend and he plays along with it… much to Ash’s dismay. Oh and Braht moved to Ash’s branch for works and really pushes her button’s (as well as her office supplies – hehe)

As things would work out, Ash’s parental units love Braht, the ex pulls some stupid shit and gets caught again, the house sells, office supplies start behaving, Braht comes to terms with his past as well as it was his parental units who caused the problem and we have a HEA that is so sweet you could get a tooth ache from it.

I so loved this book and will re-read it again with “Man Hands” cause they are way to funny.

Thank you Sarina and Tanya, keep the laughs coming and I hope that we get a new HEA for Sadie, she deserves it 🙂