Wonderful book with great characters, story lines and sexy/steamy scenes. Thank you so much for this fun read Marquita, I enjoy your books so much!

Dallas Drake is a hot shot football player that takes a liking to pretty Paige, the sexy librarian. But as things would go, Paige’s sister rep’s Dallas and has suggested that Paige stay away from pro athletes. Dallas isn’t aware of who Paige’s sister is and make a play for her and she turns him down… but he keeps trying. He does find out who she is but that doesn’t stop him.

Dallas actually needs her help with an event which dear sister totally is on board with, so Paige finally agree’s to help him out. As things work out, Dallas and Paige start seeing each other but only behind closed doors with very few people knowing about it. Paige is so afraid of what her sister will say, she doesn’t want to risk it. We find out about Paige’s past and why this is such an issue, but one that needs to be faced and worked through.

We also find out about Dallas, his past and what drives him and his charity. Which is really a great story in and of itself. It shows how something so tragic and painful can help a person come to better themselves and the people/family that are around them.

With the help of Paige’s BFF, Layton (cool name), Dallas and Paige finally make major progress. Paige also has a heart to heart with her mother and comes to terms with her issues and agrees to let everyone know about her relationship with Dallas. How the books ends is so awesome for Paige/Dallas, I just had to smile. We get the HEA for these to wonderful people and a prep for the next book “Sidelined”

I highly recommend this book. It was a smart book with wonderful characters and story lines!