***************** I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *************************


5 Star read!!! Wonderful characters, fun, fast paced story line with lots of twists and turns.

We have Rhys and Ashtyn (love the spelling for both).  Both have really cool professions and enjoy their careers and are both coming off bad break ups and meet at a bar. Due to an unwanted advance by a guy on Ashtyn, she gets cozy with Rhys and says that they are dating. This gets rid of the dude but as things turn out, Rhys and Ashtyn get to know one another. The phrase “Use Me” anytime you’d like comes up in reference to being a fake boyfriend/girlfriend and they run with it.

As time goes by, they start to spend more time together as friends and friends with benefits. As things happen, we end up with some really bad characters in the mix (ex’s, stalkers, etc) as well as some awesome best friends. As I don’t want to spoil the read for anyone, so let’s just say that Rhys and Ashtyn have a person in common with each other and neither likes them. That person takes it upon themselves to try to make their life miserable. There are fun dates, strange encounters on dates, and then just some times when you feel so bad for what’s going down, you just want to tell them to run… run fast and far.

There is a plenty of hot, sexy time with Rhys and Ashtyn as well as times that would try anyone’s patients. But true love prevails and we get to a wonderful wedding with a twist (not unexpected but still painful) and come out on the other side with a HEA.

I highly recommend this new book from Kimberly!!!