Anubis, the first book in the Guardian Security Shadow World series is a five star read… Kris has done it again!!!

We’ve met Anubis before in other books as one of the hot guys that work in the shadows in the Kings of Guardian He’s a skilled killer and doesn’t miss his mark. Unfortunately, he meets his “one” but can’t have her in the way they both want but he keeps going back for more, knowing he shouldn’t.

While he continues with his life as it is, he’s woman from the past, Sky, comes back into his life in a crushing way. He finds out he has a daughter. Sky has gone about finding Anubis in anyway she can, even to the point of breaking the law. By doing this, she has unknowingly trip signals indicating someone is out looking for him. Guardian does what they do best, and works to help Anubis with this news and help him and his family out.

As good stories go, there are many problems that come up they have to be worked through. The biggest one is saving and protecting Sky and his daughter. I loved how they are on the run, what Guardian does to help them get the help/surgery they need for Kadey and how others in the Shadow world come out to help. I love some of the other “shadow” members and can’t wait for their books in this series. I love what we find out about Asp, that guy cracks me up!!

While we end up with Sky, Kadey and Anubis/Kaeden getting the HEA that they fight for, it’s cool to see how Zane works with Anubis and helps him move from the shadows to the light like he has and how Sky comes to terms with what Anubis was and will be going forward.

There’s so much that goes on this book and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that has yet to read it. This was one of the books that I couldn’t wait to come out and boy oh boy did Kris deliver!!!