I think everyone can feel for Aiden. We have all fallen for someone we know we aren’t supposed to. While I think we all know that one girl that’s like Layton 🙂 It’s cool that Aiden has always looked out for her, even as a young gal while being best friends with her older brother.

I was so pissed at what went down with Layton at the beginning with regard to her wedding. I really wanted to shoot the groom!  While this the driving factor to the book and love how Aiden has tried to do right by Layton and her family connection to him. I also loved what she did to her groom’s stuff… go go Layton!

The relationship between Layton and Aiden is so hot and steamy, it’s hard to understand why they fight it at all when they could be so good together. Luckily, Layton goes after Aiden. While at the beginning it’s just the saying “to get over one guy, get under another” but then feelings and emotions start to factor in. While Aiden has his own issues to handle and overcome, the one consistent is that he’s always had a thing for Layton.

Once Aiden goes all in, boy oh boy, do the sparks fly.I also like the way that Aiden learns to become a better person not only for Layton, but for the team as well. I love how he ends his career on his terms and works with Layton’s brother on how to move forward with his new career.

I loved this 2nd book in the group, I’ve actually read it twice now and couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the next book – “Nailed”.

Scored should be read first as it will help provide the back ground for Sidelined… it’s also an awesome read!!!