Midnight Blue

By L. J. Shen

Wow, just wow! I think this may be my favorite read so far this year! Talk about love, struggle and redemption. If you get the chance, grab this one to read. This one caused all sort of emotions to flood from me. At one point I cried and then next I had a smile on my face!

Alex Winslow is a British rock star that is fresh out of rehabilitation and in need of a handler so he doesn’t relapse. He is the complete epitome of bad boy; arrogant and rude. He is a genuine asshat and hard to love at first. His staff hire Indigo Bellemy to babysit Alex for three months across his “Letters from the Dead” tour. She is his sobriety companion and is supposed to keep him from falling back into his bad ways. Indigo (aka Indie) is a brave, strong character who fights for her ideals and who she loves. She needs the money from the job to help out her brother’s son (her nephew) who is in need of an operation so he can hear. Alex bullies Indie but she puts up with his antics. Both Alex and Indie have a love/hate relationship with each other. Alex keeps people at a distance and is difficult to love. And he enjoys giving Indie a load of difficulties. Alex’s character is very complex, he goes from asshat to someone you love after you learn he really does have a heart. Indie does a great job of breaking through his layers even though the job is somewhat outside of her comfort zone. They are both opposites of each other and after a while complement each other nicely. Alex’s friends Alfie, Lucas and Blake notice the change in Alex from Indie’s influence on him. They want the best for Alex and for him to remain sober. This story has a complex plot has some twists and turns you don’t see coming. It’s definitely a page turner and I felt a range of emotions as I read it. I guarantee this is a great read! I loved it!!