I love a great second chance romance but wow did this one make me cry. We have the totally hot Fireman, Drew, who’s also the reformed bad boy and the shy, sheltered Kennedy from an overly protective family.

As thing have it, they know of each other growing up and both are attracted to each other from a young age, but given both of their back grounds, they don’t come together until they are forced (in a good way). As the spend time together, they both fall for each other and well things happen. Due to this, her family tosses her out and she runs; which crushes Drew’s heart.

For the second chance, things are complicated and Drew doesn’t trust Kennedy as far as he can toss her but boy does he still love her. As well as hate her, so he thinks. When Kennedy tries to explain what went down, Drew doesn’t want to hear it and actually crushes her with that.

Thankfully they both have family that seems to know what’s better for them, than themselves. Kennedy get’s a job working for Drew’s sister and they get tossed together. Drew does his best to ignore her, and then treat her like s*&^, so she tries to stay away but wants Drew to be a part of their son, Kyle’s, life.

The magnetic pull is to much for both of them to ignore and they end up back in the sack. With mixed results for a while. The push/pull that is going on, does for awhile until Drew heads into a dangerous fire that almost kills him, his best friend as well as his brother. They all end up alive but worse for wear. While helping Drew recover, he makes comments that force Kennedy to still wonder if she’s the only girl for Drew. Things come to a head and she asks him to let her go and he kinda pops.

By forcing the issues, Drew finally takes a stand and makes an honest woman out of Kennedy and we get our HEA as well as another new addition to the family.

I think I cried more during this book than I have in a long time. It was such a touching, heart warming book about second chances and I highly recommend it!