***************** I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *************************

Yummy, can I get a Maddox… please? Hot, Sexy, Steamy read; 5 stars!! Please read Blocked before reading this. You really need the back story with Dallas/Callie/Lacey/Maddox to understand what’s going on in this story.

From Blocked, we know that Lacey and Maddox have a past and can almost guess what they did while they were in Vegas. Lacey doesn’t think he remembers her and boy oh boy does he remember her and all they did. Maddox tracked her down using a PI since she used her middle name during their time together.During Dallas and Callie’s wedding, things come to a head and they have to start to work through the past and get to a good place now.

While I want to spill all there is to know about the book, I won’t spoil it for anyone. Just know that the two still want each other, Lacey thinks Maddox is still a player like all hockey Gods and he thinks she doesn’t want him. Both couldn’t be more wrong. Toss in Maddox’s overbearing father, other issues from his past and Lacey’s willingness to love him despite not wanting to and you have one hell of a book that I’ve already read twice (yes, it’s that good).

We do get our HEA at the end with some good surprises for them as well as for Dallas/Callie.

I can’t say enough good about this book. It was one that I was waiting for and wasn’t disappointment. Way to knock it out of the park LP! I can always count on you for one awesome read. Lets hope that there are more books with this wonderful hockey team and group of characters.